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ヽ(・∀・ ) 우리는엘프어에어, 지켜줄께열다섯명!

Resides in the sapphire blue ocean.

Be a part of it, not apart.

"Because being together brings the greatest happiness" - Sungmin

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people who  needlessly start drama


❝There’s a reason why Super Junior is so nice to their fans. Everything their company and networks say are different so even though they have to trust them, they don’t trust them all the way. They have nothing but their fans to depend on… ELF know that, so we take care of each other. Thinking back to all the times that we petitioned together, suffered together, and cried together makes me think that I can’t quit being a fan just yet. Things that other fandoms took three, four years to experience, we had to experience just a thousand days into their debut. We have no where to trust – not the company, not anyone – except the members. The members knew that and were always by our side. The company never gave their support, and the fans, using our own hands, got them the DJ the positions they have now. This post makes me think of the old times where I believed that all we had to do was hold it in… hold it in until the group grows more, until they’re at the very top, to create and rewrite history because we have so much more to show.❞

ELF’s comment on SMENT unfair treatment towards Super Junior.


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a few boy group recs

if you like nonsense and booty: vixx

if you like silly boys with no shame: block b

if you like fabulous looking frenemies: exo

if you like harmonies and playful eroticism: btob

if you like soft ghetto aesthetics and screaming: b.a.p

if you like vines of children singing vulgar rap lyrics: bangtan

if you like videos of newborn puppies flopping all over the place: topp dogg

if you like nationalistic diversity and childish chaos: got7


#SJ >_< kekekeke

eunhyukee44: haekstagram was hacked and now in the midst of being bombarded with notifications (c)

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All about Super Junior: Treasure Within Us

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Can I kill someone right now

Hacker? Seriously?

Do you know how much hard work donghae has put in his instagram account and how many followers he has gain and just because of you this fucking piece of shit he have to delete his account

Like wow what has SJ ever done to you hackers why do you keep hacking their SNS accounts

It’s so funny reading tags of those who reblogged my ELF math test post

like you have those mathematically correct ones

"oh yeah the ans is 10 so easy"

then you have the lovey dovey cheesy ELF who says “the ans is 10 but no matter what the ans is still 15 <3”

the rest is just

"uhhhh whut my head hurts"

"wtf is that"

If ELF have math test…..



"Originally Super junior have 12 members, then 3 members are added. After a while 1 left and another 1 went on long hiatus, 4 members enlisted into the military and 3 came back, how many members are left in Super Junior when another 2 members enlisted into the army?





full marks! :D

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A lot of songs by girl groups make me energetic and excited and make me feel like I can do anything and be a bad bitch and I feel sorry for the female kpop fans full of misogyny that refuse to listen to girl groups cause they’re missing out. You should want to feel like a bad bitch too.

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